Gun violence prevention: New campaign targets straw gun purchasers

There is a new campaign to stop people from buying guns for others.

When you buy a gun for someone else, it is called a straw purchase – and it is against the law since you are skirting a background check.


On Wednesday, the US attorneys in Chicago and northern Indiana and leaders of the ATF said that gun violence can be slowed if straw purchasers are stopped.

"Whatever benefit you think you may get from buying a gun for someone else pales in comparison with the legal consequences you will be facing," officials said.

If someone is caught buying a weapon for a person who is prohibited to own a gun, they can face a fine of $250,000 and go to jail for 10 years.

In recent weeks, Chicago gun violence – especially against children – has surged. On Tuesday alone, two mass shootings took place. One in Englewood which killed four people and wounded four others, and one in West Garfield Park.