Gym members outraged after Logan Square Fitness closes suddenly

A gym that spent months building up business in Logan Square is now gone.

The building is locked up and the members are each out hundreds of dollars, and they are calling it fraud.

The gym's owner was hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and apparently hid it. On Wednesday, FOX 32 saw about 30 people walk up to the gym and try and open the door only to learn their gym is gone and likely is the money they paid.

The gym was open on Sunday closed without warning Monday. 

"Hell yeah I’m upset. I'm very upset, absolutely,” said Devin Harrell.

Harrell still had six months left on a prepaid annual membership. Now, he's sweating over being out hundreds of dollars. 

"It sucks because now I got to find a new gym and I don't wanna drop another $700 to go to gym, you know, it's killing me,” he said

Money appears to be the gym's problem. Court records show Logan Square Fitness was sued by the landlord in September for owing nearly $200,000 in rent. In December, a judge ordered them to pay over $216,000 dollars to the landlord. Even after the ruling, the gym was still trying to sign up new members or extend existing memberships, which members say is shady at best. 

"Oh I’m angry. Of course I’m angry,” Gym member Robert said. "They should be financially responsible for what they did and they could have at least told people who went to this gym and were trying to sign up for memberships what they were going through and they didn't.”

The gym's website says they hope to reopen in the spring. All of FOX 32’s attempts to reach them failed. A listed email bounced back and the phone number is now disconnected.

A few folks FOX 32 spoke to by phone say they are considering a class-action lawsuit if their money is not refunded.