'Have to tap into reality': Did social media play a major role in downtown chaos?

Phones captured a lot of the chaos last weekend in downtown Chicago.

Many times, teens tend to record videos in hopes of going viral on social media. And, depending on what social media platform the video is posted on, the views can equal cash and popularity.

Some believe that alone is fueling these teen trends that have caused mass chaos.

Two women filming a reality show in Chicago about social media influencers shared their views on how the youth is impacted.

"Well, due to the pandemic, I feel like children have been computerized mentally, so everything is social media: like, comment, share. And that has become a thing due to them being out of school and at home so long, so it's really like we just have to get the youth reprogrammed to reality and letting them know that social media is okay, it's cool, it's fun, you can be who you want on social media, but you have to tap into reality," said Precious Glory, Content Creator.


Some children can't define reality vs. social media. That's why over 40 school districts across the country are suing social media giants like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat.

The suit filed in San Francisco County says:

"Social media companies are and have been well aware of the harm they cause. We will fight to hold these social media companies accountable for choosing profit over the mental health and safety of children and their families."