'He was a very different person': Illinois family attributes loss of father to 'COVID psychosis'

A Morris, Ill. family is grieving the loss of a father, son and husband.

The family believes 48-year-old Ben Price died as a result of "COVID psychosis."

Jennifer Price, Ben’s wife, says he tested positive for COVID-19, became very sick and had to be in the hospital for five days.

However, once her husband was released from the hospital, Price said that is when the family noticed a decline in his mental health.

"He was a very different person. He was talking differently. He was acting differently. He was very panicked and scared. He paced the house," she said. "There was just nothing we could do to calm him down."

Price said they also tried to give him medication to help calm him down. However, the family noticed it had actually made him a bit worse, and decided to discontinue the medication.


She says he had no history of mental health problems.

"He was thriving in his life. His business was great. His family was healthy. His personal life was all wonderful," said Price. "It’s not something we believed happened – we know that COVID robbed his brain and took him from us."

Price said after doing a lot of research, she found a lot of people had reported having similar situations.


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