Highland Park mother posts message on Facebook after dodging bullets at parade

A Highland Park mother posted a deeply personal message for her daughters on Facebook, and now, it is resonating with parents nationwide.

In her Facebook post, Heather Redisch talked about the joy she had as a child, going to concerts, the mall, parks with her friends.  

Now, she says, children do not have the same assurance of safety.

Redisch moved back to Highland Park to raise her three daughters.  

On Monday, she found herself dodging bullets with her 7-year-old at the 4th of July parade. 


She says it reminded her of another local news story that tore the North Shore community apart.  

"One of the first school shootings, which was this woman named Laurie Dann. I was 10, I will never forget this as long as I live," said Redisch. "She did all of these really horrific acts to children in Highland Park and then moved to Winnetka….my parents said to me, 'this is not normal this will not happen again, this is not something that happens in anyone's lifetime,' and I believed that."

That was in 1988.  

There have been more than 300 mass shootings this year alone.