Hospitalized Chipotle customer asks for more burritos in foodborne illness settlement

thegirlsny | Flickr

Chipotle is still trying to woo customers with free food, drinks and promotions after a series of food borne illnesses hit locations across the country last year.

But one 19-year-old victim isn’t going to get a little E.Coli get in the way of her love for burritos.

Since March, the Mexican Grill has settled almost 100 legal cases with customers who got sick after eating tainted food (Chipotle faced bouts of E. coli, norovirus, and salmonella). Most customers asked for cash to pay off hospital bills and other damages.

But one client, represented by Seattle-based personal injury lawyer Bill Marler, didn’t just want cash—she wanted more Chipotle, in the form of free food coupons.

"I have being doing these kinds of cases for 20 years and sued every restaurant chain you can imagine and I have never seen people willing to go back to a restaurant under those circumstances," Marler told Business Insider. He said he was “shocked” by the woman’s request.

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