Hundreds of teens gather at 31st Street Beach, leading to chaotic moments

A large crowd of teens gathered at 31st Street Beach Friday night, which led to chaotic, tense moments and a shooting nearby. 

About 300 to 400 kids gathered at the beach, and at times, were running in all different directions.

Chicago police had some sort of intel that this large gathering might be happening.

A 14-year-old boy was shot in the thigh in the 3100 block of South Lake Shore Drive just before 9 a.m. Police did not have specifics about the incident right away.

The passenger's side window of a Chicago police squad car was smashed and glass was scattered about. 

Multiple times throughout the night, there was something in the middle of the large crowd that made the group run away from the beach. The teens were seen yelling and running in all different directions, but as soon as it got chaotic, the group would come back and gather together. 


There also appeared to be smoke bombs or fireworks causing smoke in the middle of the large group. 

Chicago police were on hand throughout the afternoon and responded with a larger presence once the gathering took over 31st Street Beach. 

These types of large beach gatherings are not new and have happened in the past. 

When Chicago police were asked about Friday's situation, they said they have not been notified of any incidents.

As of 10 p.m., there were no injuries or arrests reported.