Illinois attorney general warns against repair scammers after Chicagoland storms

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul is cautioning residents of the state to remain vigilant against repair scammers in the wake of Tuesday night's severe weather across Chicagoland.

According to Raoul, scammers often exploit the aftermath of storms to prey on individuals who have incurred property damage to their homes or businesses. Raoul emphasizes that these scammers may exert pressure on victims to hastily agree to costly cleanup and construction services.

Furthermore, Raoul warns that scammers may offer purportedly "free" inspections, intending to submit claims to property owners' insurance companies.

"We too often see scammers take advantage of the devastation caused by severe weather and use it as an opportunity to line their own pockets," Raoul stated in a release.

Raoul offered several tips to residents, including being cautious of contractors who solicit door-to-door, avoiding rushed decisions, refraining from cash payments, and checking the legitimacy of contractors on the Better Business Bureau's website.

Additionally, Raoul highlighted that contractors are mandated to furnish written contracts for any repair or remodeling work exceeding $1,000.

To report suspicious activities, individuals are encouraged to contact the Consumer Fraud Hotline at 800-386-5438.