Chicago welcomes 95 new asylum-seekers from Texas border

Since the first buses arrived in Chicago at the end of August carrying asylum-seekers, Illinois has welcomed 1,736 migrants from the Texas border. 

Another 95 people arrived via bus from Texas Thursday, according to a joint statement from the Chicago, Cook County and the state of Illinois. 

The statement also said, "We have a duty to provide shelter, food, and medical care for each individual and family – many of whom walked hundreds of miles, navigating great danger through multiple countries, in pursuit of safety and opportunity in the United States."

Individuals and families are provided shelter and support to meet their basic needs upon arrival in Illinois. They receive in-depth case management and connections to services from city, county, state, and community-based agencies.  


"Illinois is a welcoming state. We are committed to assisting each family and individual, providing human services with respect and dignity," the statement said.

A week ago on Sept. 23, Chicago hit a milestone welcoming a total of 1,000 migrants to the area.

The city, county and state say they expect more new arrivals and will continue to provide updates.