Illinois investigating popular COVID clinics amid consumer complaints

Illinois is now investigating the company that runs those popular COVID-19 clinics that seem to pop up all over the Chicago area.

It comes as the company announced it is temporarily closing its sites.

Illinois joins Oregon, Massachusetts and Washington who are all looking into the business practices of the Center for COVID control.

There is a sign outside the Center for COVID Control advertising free testing.

It's what happened inside that has caused a federal investigation amid mounting consumer complaints.

The Better Business Bureau has received 22 complaints in total, giving the company an ‘F' rating.

According to a federal report, the Center for COVID Control's lab wasted 40,000 tests.


The company is based in Illinois and boasts that it has more than 300 locations in the U.S.

Massachusetts and Washington shut down several of their testing sites over complaints of consumers not receiving test results at all, extremely late results or the results just don't make sense.

The company's website says they are seeing a high demand for testing and that is impacting the timing of results.

The center will close starting Jan. 14 and will reopen Jan. 22.

If you want to file a complaint against these pop up sites, the AG encourages you to visit