Illinois lawmaker's bill would end this misleading practice

Chances are you have received mail that says, "final notice" on it and were left confused wondering if it is actually a bill or just a marketing scam.

Joliet Democrat, state Senator Rachel Ventura has launched a plan to end this misleading practice. She says the final notice mailers are often regarding warranties and protection plans that are not necessary for the maintenance of your home or vehicle.

"Far too often new homeowners and seniors are the victims of fake ‘Final Notices.’ We must end the dishonest practice so no one is tricked into purchasing goods or services that they don't need or want," Ventura said.


Ventura’s legislation amends the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act to require that senders clearly state that their mailing is not a bill, but rather a solicitation of services.

The legislation has already passed the Senate.