Illinois lawmakers to vote on legislation banning 'ghost guns' in the state

Next year, the Illinois General Assembly is expected to vote on new legislation banning so-called "ghost guns" in the state.  

"If we don't get out in front of this thing, this is going to be a major increase in the violence that's already so bad," said Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart.   

He said the firearms, which can be purchased as kits online or through programs for a 3D printer, are impossible to trace. 

They have no serial number, and there is no background check required to purchase them.  

The legislation, which was introduced during the General Assembly’s fall veto session, would make it illegal to own, sell or produce ghost guns.  

The weapons kits cost hundreds of dollars online.  


Some of them don’t include any metal parts, so they can’t trigger metal detectors.  

Dart said they are very popular on the West Coast. 

"Two years ago we hadn't seen one of these guns. Now, we're finding them routinely. On the coast, there's a couple jurisdictions where it's the vast majority of the guns that they're picking up now," said Dart.

He said the legislation won’t take away legal firearms from gun owners.