Illinois parents rally against masks in schools

Parents in suburban Homer Glen are outraged after their school board signed on to Governor JB Pritzker’s mask mandate for all students.

They say the governor cannot legally force their kids to wear masks. But the Homer School District made it clear they have a lot to lose if they do not follow suit.

"The governor's mandate is affectively law and clearly (audience uproar) clearly eclipses– it's not public participation guys," a board member said.

Parents are upset the Homer Community Consolidated School Board signed on to the governor's order, mandating all students, staff and teachers mask up regardless of vaccination status.


In suburban Frankfort, outside Lincoln Way Central High School, dozens of parents voiced their opposition on Tuesday as well.

The governor issued the new guidance after a recommendation from the CDC.

Lurie Children's Hospital Doctor Larry Kociolek says research shows most masks do protect against the virus.

"We know there is very strong data to support that even a cloth masks, high quality, double layer cloth masks, or surgical masks or other face coverings that are not N-95'S can affectively prevent transmission to other people," said Dr. Kociolek.

A downstate attorney filed a lawsuit alleging the governor overstepped his authority in issuing the executive order without approval from the state board of education.

"Mandatory masks in schools, that's something that we've had before," Pritzker has said.

Homer board members say the school district could lose state funding and insurance coverage if they do not comply with the governor's mask mandate.