Illinois reports almost $1 billion in recreational marijuana sales so far this year

Recreational marijuana has become a cash cow for Illinois.

The state is reporting $997 million worth of recreational marijuana has been sold so far this year. That far outpaces 2020 when Illinois recreational cannabis businesses raked in $669 million for the entire year.

Nearly $122 million worth of marijuana was sold in September alone.


Recreational marijuana sales in Illinois hit a record high in July with over $128 million, with Lollapalooza providing a big boost.

Sales were a whopping 10 percent higher than in June.

Dispensaries say the city's largest music festival helped business boom for the last week of the month.

It was the first time weed was legal in Lollapalooza's 30-year-history.

Dispensaries in River North and West Loop say music fans boosted sales 50 percent.