Illinois college student speaks out after alleged hate crime at Quincy bar

A local college student says she was seriously hurt in a racially charged attack at a bar in Quincy, Illinois.

Jazzpher Evans, a former star athlete at Joliet West, is a freshman at Quincy College and a guard on the school's basketball team. 

She says she was talking to a friend near the DJ booth at a downtown Quincy bar early Sunday morning when she was violently thrown up against a wall, placed in a chokehold and eventually lost consciousness.

"I didn't really know what was happening," said Evans.

Quincy police, who are calling this a complex investigation, acknowledge there was an alleged altercation between Evans and the owner of the bar, but so far no charges have been made. 

Evans’ attorney calls the incident a hate crime and her parents are demanding answers. 

The Evans family attorney says he's heard from dozens of people who claim the bar owner is well known for violence. 

Quincy police, in the meantime, are asking the public for help. Anyone who saw what happened on Sunday is asked to contact them.