Interest in music spikes amid pandemic

Finding a way to pass the time during a pandemic can be challenging. For some, that simply means changing your tune.

Vincent Karczynski, 32, is learning how to play the guitar for the first time.

“I'm looking for a way to vent.  Another way to connect with people,” said Karczynski.

Joe Starita is Karczynski’s teacher, and the owner of Rossi Music in Oak Lawn.  

When COVID-19 began, he says the tempo of his business definitely slowed down, but has since really started to pick up.  

He's currently teaching students ages three to 93. 


“We do have a lot of adult students coming in who are filling up their free time,” said Starita.  

Starita teaches music lessons in-person and online. He encourages you to try either one.

“Absolutely. Don’t shy away from it. Train any way you can,” he said.

Virtual singing lessons are also one of the many ways to pass the time these days.

While you might think learning to sing is intimidating, Richard Schieler from the Chicago School of Music, says it is actually a little bit easier online. 

“Being able to do it behind a screen, [it’s a] safer way to try it out,” said Schieler.