Family of man killed by Carol Stream police calls for release of bodycam video

The family of the man who was shot and killed by Carol Stream police spoke out Monday night, condemning the officers' "depraved" actions and calling for the public release of unedited bodycam footage.

The sister of Isaac Goodlow III says her family saw a small portion of the video days ago, which was 15 minutes of Carol Stream police body camera video showing six different angles of when the 30-year-old was shot.

The family didn't see video before the shooting and very little of what happened after. There are still 34 minutes of video they say they still haven't seen.

"He didn't know anyone was in his house, they kicked in his door and shot him," said Kyenna McConico, Goodlow's sister.

The shooting happened at 4:15 a.m. on Feb. 3, at the Villagebrook Apartments located at 278 E. St. Charles Rd.

Officers were initially called for domestic violence and when they arrived, they encountered a "tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving situation," Deputy Chief and Acting Chief of Police Brian Cluever said.

Two officers discharged their weapons during the call.

Goodlow was shot and sustained critical injuries. He was taken to Central DuPage Hospital, where he later died.

Both of the officers involved, who haven't been named, have been placed on paid leave as the investigation continues. 

The family protested outside the police station Monday night. Goodlow's mother was too emotional to speak, but their message was loud and clear: they want the full video released to the public and charges brought against all officers involved.

The family also provided a statement that read in part: "The family’s worse fears were confirmed during the viewing of the manicured, redacted and heavily edited video they were allowed to see on February 9th. Nevertheless, it was abundantly clear that the Carol Stream Police officers, whose faces and identities were withheld, acted with depraved hearts, recklessly and in violation of Isaac’s constitutional rights when they shot and murdered an unarmed Black man while he was quietly in the bedroom of his own apartment."

Carol Stream police said they will release the video footage "after the Public Integrity Team and the DuPage County State's Attorney's Office determine that release will not negatively impact the investigation."