Israeli EMT helps save 2 lives on flight to Chicago

It was a flight nothing short of amazing, as a passenger traveling from Israel to Chicago answered a call for help.

Yisrael Kahan helped to save not one life, but two on the United flight.

Kahan and his wife were traveling last week on United Flight 141 from Tel Aviv, Israel to Chicago. Two hours into the flight, a man fell face forward in the aisle.

Then, shortly after, a woman fainted.


Kahan is a trained volunteer EMT with United Hatzalah of Israel — the world's largest fully volunteer free emergency services provider.

With the help of an Israeli doctor on flight, Kahan was able to stabilize a 60-year-old man and a woman in her 20s.

"It took us a few seconds until we managed to wake him up. So it was completely unconsciousness. It was not just a fainting.  Lucky us there was another doctor on flight…and we managed to stabilized his situation," said Kahan. "While we are just about to relax, we get another call of a young lady in her 20s. She was feeling very weak, and when we came up to her, the doctor and I, we teamed up again. We saw her looking very weak, not good."

It turned out, the woman was suffering from dehydration. Both passengers were stabilized enough to continue nine hours into the rest of the flight.

The plane was met by emergency crews at O’Hare.