Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco of 'Day Shift' discuss the legends who taught them the ropes of Hollywood

Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco are taking on a horde of bloodthirsty monsters in the new vampire action flick "Day Shift," hitting Netflix on Friday.

Foxx stars as an experienced and legendary vampire hunter who takes Franco under his wings to fight the deadly bloodsuckers in the streets of Los Angeles.

Foxx and Franco sat down to talk with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton, who brought up the idea of being taught about a profession from a legend – and wanted to know who taught THEM the ropes in the world of Hollywood.


"Quincy Jones sticks out," Foxx said, "because it was not necessarily at the beginning of my career but preparing you for what your career could be."

As for Franco, it was a current comedy legend: "I learned a lot from Seth Rogen and his crew. They create a really collaborative environment, they want to hear everyone’s opinion. The rule is: best idea wins, no matter who it’s coming from."

"Day Shift" hits Netflix on Friday.