Jared Leto talks about joining the Marvel universe as 'Morbius'

He’s a rock star, an Oscar winner and now Jared Leto is making the journey – like many actors today – to the world of Marvel.

Leto stars as famed Spider-Man villain Dr. Michael Morbius in the new origin film "Morbius" – bringing him (indirectly) into the popular and profitable big screen Marvel world.

Leto recently spoke with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton about an unofficial Marvel tradition – in which actors dress as their characters to visit children. But he did admit…the terrifying vampire-like character of Morbius might be tough to sell to kids.


"I think that’s pretty fun and I definitely got to experience that with other films," Leto said. "Especially if you can make people smile a little bit."

He added "I might scare the living **** out of people if I showed up as Morbius."

"Morbius" hits theaters Friday.