Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans calls for alderwoman's job over controversial tweet

The Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans is calling for the job of 33rd Ward Alderwoman Rossana Rodriguez Sanchez over a tweet she posted last month.

The tweet asked what's the best way to honor Italian heritage in Chicago, offering options like an Italian ice monument, a Bialetti monument (an espresso pot), a Columbus statue, or other suggestions.

The group is not only taking issue with the poll itself but also with the alderwoman's response to those who participated. When someone suggested a "cannoli statue," Rodriguez praised the idea.


Her fellow Italian American council member, Ald. Anthony Napolitano, expressed his disapproval and called for her resignation.

"You don't make comments like that. You don't champion comments like that," he said. "Do your due diligence. Be an alderman. Be a leader. You were elected to do so. I'm embarrassed."

In response to the backlash, the alderwoman claims the tweet was intended to be "playful" and "lighthearted" and feels it is being "spun into a narrative of disrespect."