High on hot sauce: THC-infused Buffalo wings sauce unveiled in Chicago ahead of Super Bowl parties

Would you like your buffalo wings mild, medium, hot or buzzed?

With Super Bowl Sunday now less than two weeks away, a Chicago-based cannabis company is getting high on a favorite football snack food.

"So we’re looking at fresh frozen flower right here," said Lucas Chapman, who you might call the Willy Wonka of Cresco Lab’s production and packaging plant in Joliet.

This is where machines roll the joints, drop the weed in tins and produce literally tens of millions of pieces of THC-infused gummies and candies every year.

But now, they’ve turned their sights on a football fan favorite.

"We’re going to be infusing our actual wing sauce here," said Chapman.

That’s right — pot infused buffalo wing sauce.

"Studies show that Illinois’ food during the Super Bowl are wings versus any other food," said Cresco Labs spokesman Jason Erkes. "So we wanted to insert ourselves into the conversation around the biggest sports moment and create a product that people can enjoy during the Super Bowl."

Good News THC Buffalo wing sauce comes in a 10 ounce jar that contains 100 mg of THC.

"We suggest the whole bottle coat about 20 to 24 wings," Chapman said. "That will give you about 3 to 5 mg per wing."

It starts with fresh frozen flower that is squeezed and pressed into an oil, then mixed with award-winning buffalo sauce made by Fifty/50 restaurant in Wicker Park.

"So the oil itself is all colorless. It’s odorless. It’s tasteless," said Chapman. "It’s distilled, pure concentrated THC. So when you add it to the wing sauce, you’re only going to taste the buffalo flavor of the wing sauce."

And when it comes to combining food and weed, Chapman said this is just the start.

"We are on a mission to normalize, professionalize, and revolutionized the cannabis industry. This is part of revolutionizing it. So our oil that we produce, the sky’s the limit on what we can infuse."

And with the Super Bowl hype just cranking up, it should definitely help you mellow out your Super Bowl party.

"It doesn’t matter if you’re rooting for the Chiefs or the 49ers. It might help fans get along a little better during the game," said Erkes.

The THC buffalo sauce is being produced in limited quantities and will be available starting Friday at the four Sunnyside dispensaries in the Chicago area for about $30 a jar.