Kane County Sheriff's Office welcomes 2 new therapy dogs

Two new therapy K9's were sworn-in Monday at the Kane County Sheriff's Office.

"Loki" and "Sadie" are assigned to the Social Workers and Child Sex Crimes Detective Team in the sheriff's office Special Victims Unit.


The two dogs were trained through a special program in Florida.

"All the statistics show that when you introduce a therapy dog to that environment, to an interview with a child that's gone through a traumatic incident, or just any general victim that's gone through a traumatic incident, your success rate in extracting proper information to bring about a thorough investigation goes up around 80 to 90 percent," said Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain.

The sheriff says Loki and Sadie could potentially go their entire lives working as therapy dogs, compared to regular police K9s that do drug or bomb detection, or tracking – they go through a very rigorous life where they can only be effective so long – maybe five to seven years.