Kim Foxx recuses herself from another high-profile case

State's Attorney Kim Foxx has withdrawn from another high-profile case after police questioned her impartiality.

The state's attorney said she's had no involvement in the case against activist Jedidiah Brown, but she's agreed to recuse herself for appearances sake.

Video provided by Jedidiah Brown's attorney shows Brown's arrest at a South Side protest in 2018. Brown was charged with misdemeanor battery to police officers. On Tuesday, Foxx agreed that a special prosecutor should handle the case, which is just what the officers involved wanted.

“If a man has a pending criminal case, the state's attorney shouldn't have any contact with that person. He shouldn't be talking to that person. He certainly shouldn't be posing for photographs with that person,” said attorney James McKay.

McKay was referring to Foxx's appearance at Operation Push after her recusal and dropping of charges in the Jussie Smollett case. Brown appeared with her and posted a selfie afterwards.

On Good Day Chicago Tuesday morning, Brown said he was surprised the officers now wanted Foxx off the case.

“I was actually taken by surprise, I'm extremely disappointed, I'm angry about it. But I'm optimistic,” he said.

Attorneys for the state's attorney denied that there's any actual conflict of interest, but they admitted that the appearance might be there, so the state's attorney agreed to recuse herself.

Foxx's attorneys said she had no idea Brown had a pending criminal case. Brown is suing the police for excessive force, and said appointing a special prosecutor will merely delay justice.

“What I do know is that whatever prosecutor we have, we're confident we're going to prevail. So bring on whoever you want,” said Brown’s attorney, Jon Erickson.