LA cat cafe saves 2,000 cats as new kitten lounge opens in June where you can play, cuddle and adopt

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Cat lovers, you're in for a real treat!

Crumbs & Whiskers Cat Cafe in West Hollywood on Melrose is converting into Los Angeles' first pop-up Kitten Lounge starting in June. 

The Founder & CEO of Crumbs & Whiskers was started by 28-year-old entrepreneur Kanchan Singh, a woman who was originally inspired to start her own kitten cafe after an eye-opening trip to Thailand.

Crumbs & Whiskers Cat Cafe have saved 1,000 cats and kittens through adoptions which has created another 1,000 shelter openings. The 28-year-old entrepreneur hopes to save another 500 kittens when the new LA locations opens this summer.  

Partnering with the Stray Cat Alliance in Los Angeles, the new Kitten Lounge wiill have 3 to 6-month-old kitties on Melrose will be open June through October, the time of year called "kitten season" when an influx of stray kittens overloads animal shelters nationwide and, according to the ASPCA, 860,000 cats are euthanized.

By serving as a sort of a foster home, the Kitten Lounge will be a place where individuals, couples, roommates, families can enjoy kitty playtime in a relaxing setting and consider bringing one home to adopt.

Here is the sign-up for the wait-list because pre-reservations have already started. 

The address for the Crumbs & Whiskers Kitten Lounge is 7924 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood.