Legend Barr, 7-year-old shot on his way to church in Chicago, talks about what he's lost

Legend Barr, age 7, said he is in excruciating pain after being shot on his way to church in Chicago's Roseland neighborhood on Sunday.

"I saw that [bullet] shot through my pants, and my favorite shirt got destroyed that I got for my birthday," Barr said.

Legend was shot outside Universal Community Church at 108th & State, where his grandmother pastors just before 11:30 a.m. Sunday. His mom says they were about to park and noticed a stranger inside the pastor's SUV.

"Right when we turned down the street, the guy pulled out this really big machine gun and started shooting at the car, my son was in the back screaming I got shot," Keshawana Barr said.

Legend was shot in the leg. Police initially said Legend's father confronted the man, but the family says they only made eye contact and never left the vehicle. 

It’s the second time this year tragedy has taken place outside this church. In July a drive by shooter struck three people as a funeral was underway. Legend is now the 5th child, this year… shot sitting in the back seat of a car. Four other kids have died.

"Let’s start pointing out these people who are out here shooting and killing children, killing each other, killing any human being," Deputy Chief Larry Snelling said.

Legend’s femur bone was shattered by the bullet. It’s the longest and strongest bone in the body, affecting the way we stand and move. Legend was gearing up to return to the basketball court at his local rec center. 

"My teams gonna be without a basketball player. I gotta wait until I sign up again for basketball."

Police say area 5 officers were training in the area when the shooting took place. Officers responded to the scene, chased the shooter and took him into custody. Charges are pending. Legend is expected to undergo surgery soon.