Local veterans honored through exhibit at Midway, O'Hare Airports

In the hall that leads from the CTA’s trains to the Midway Airport terminal, there is a photo exhibit entitled "American Heroes: Portraits of Service," featuring photographs and stories of veterans from WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. They are all residents of Belmont Village Senior Living facilities.

Richard Nelson, age 91, said it is an honor to see his portrait on the wall. 

"It’s just fantastic that the servicemen, me in particular, that we are remembered. And not just while we’re in the service, but we’re out of the service, and they still honor us by exhibiting our picture," Nelson said.

Myron Petrakis, age 101, agreed, it is a great honor. He lost a lot of friends in World War II.

"Four boys from our neighborhood. There were two boys that I worked with and 31 of the crew from our sister ship," Petrakis said. 

Petrakis worked on a mine sweeper that cleared mines after the war ended. His friends died when their ship hit a mine. After all these years Petrakis was able to reconnect with another veteran. 

"I’ve been in touch with him and we’re going to meet again after 77 years," Petrakis said.

While broadcasting their stories on Good Day Chicago, passengers who heard the report erupted into spontaneous applause. They thanked the men for their service to this country.

Several veteran's portraits were on display at O'Hare Airport as well.