Man allegedly made accusations about Palestinians killing babies after discharging pepper spray in Skokie

Zevulen Ebert

New details were released Wednesday about a pepper spray incident that occurred during pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Skokie over the weekend. 

Zevulen Ebert is facing aggravated battery and hate crime charges.

At about 6 p.m. Sunday, a pro-Israeli demonstration and a pro-Palestinian demonstration were occurring in the 3400 block of West Touhy.

Prosecutors say a large police presence from several agencies was keeping order between the two groups.

Ebert was allegedly standing in front of a group of Palestinian demonstrators and waving an Israeli flag. At that time, an individual ran up behind him and attempted to snatch his flag, prosecutors said.

A verbal exchange then occurred between Ebert and the other group.

During the exchange, Ebert allegedly held a large canister in front of him and sprayed a victim in the face with pepper spray.

Ebert allegedly took several steps and faced down a group containing pro-Palestinian supporters and Chicago police officers. Prosecutors say he then discharged the pepper spray canister at the crowd, spraying several people, including Chicago police officers.

During the incident, Ebert allegedly made accusations about Palestinians killing babies and gave "obscene middle-finger gestures" to Palestinian supporters immediately after discharging the pepper spray.

Multiple cameras, including police body-worn cameras, allegedly captured the incident. 

Prosecutors say Ebert was not being visibly attacked or threatened in any way before discharging the pepper spray.