Man charged with falsely reporting person with gun on campus of Elmhurst University

A 25-year-old Bellwood man is accused of making a false report that a person had a gun on campus of Elmhurst University in April.

Darnel Baalbaki has been charged with Felony Disorderly Conduct and making a False Crime Report.

On April 28, police responded to Elmhurst University after reports of a person with a gun on campus. The school was placed on lockdown for several hours as officers checked the campus. No threat was located.


An investigation revealed that Baalbaki, an Elmhurst University student, had met with a male in a school parking lot earlier that day to purchase methamphetamine from the man. However, Baalbaki did not pay the agreed-upon price for the drug and fled the area on foot, police said.

Baalbaki admitted to police that he then called the Elmhurst University Public Safety Office to make the false report of a male having a gun on campus. He told police he never saw anyone with a gun.

Bond was set Tuesday at $25,000 for Baalbaki.

Darnel Baalbaki, 25