Man opens fire at a Federal Building in New York

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Courtesy: Hashem Said

Two men are dead this evening after a gunman walked into a Federal building in SoHo and opened fire on a guard. The man then turned the gun on himself and shot himself in the head. 


Law enforcement officials say the 53 year old guard died shortly after the shooting. The shooter, who has been identified as a 68 year old man from New Jersey, was also killed.

Officials say this does appear to be a random shooting and there doesn't appear to be a motive. Investigators did recover three weapons from the scene on Varick Street. 

Dozens of New York city police and FBI agents swarmed the area within minutes of the shooting. Hundreds of people from nearby office buildings were forced away from the federal building and posted photos on social media of the event. 

At this time the shooting is under investigation.