Marine does mermaid photo shoot to make his buddies overseas laugh

Courtesy: Jacqueline Elliot/Magical Memories Photography

A U.S. Marine went to great lengths to make his friends laugh: he decided to do a mermaid photo shoot!

Jacqueline Elliot is a photographer with Magical Memories Photography in Trinity, Florida.

She usually does mermaid photo sessions for little kids, until the father of one of her daughter's classmates approached her about doing a photo session -- for himself.

"He’s a Marine, dad, and brother and wanted to send it to his buddies and family to make them laugh, overseas and here at home," Elliot told FOX 13.

He posed for a series of photos at the beach, all while wearing an intricate, turquoise mermaid tail.

Elliot said they planned to talk to his friends about possibly doing a calendar at some point in the future to raise money for a good cause.

In the meantime, the photos surely brought smiles to the faces of his family and buddies abroad!