McDonald's workers walk off the job to protest sexual harassment

Some local McDonald’s workers walked off the job Tuesday, protesting sexual harassment in the workplace.

The workers gathered on West Randolph in Chicago. They say the Illinois-based company ignored complaints for years.

McDonald's said it will investigate all accusations and that every worker deserves to feel safe and respected.

McDonald's introduced new rules last year and put anti-harassment training in place for workers.


McDonald's released the following statement.

"Every single person working at a McDonald’s restaurant deserves to feel safe and respected when they come to work, and sexual harassment and assault have no place in any McDonald’s restaurant. We know more work is needed to further our workplace ambitions, which is why all 40,000 McDonald’s restaurants will be assessed and accountable to Global Brand Standards. These Global Brand Standards prioritize action in multiple areas, including prevention of harassment, discrimination and retaliation, and ensure everyone understands and acts under a common set of McDonald’s expectations for a safe and respectful workplace in both our company-owned and franchised restaurants."