McHenry County warns parents of cannabis products disguised as snacks, candy

They look almost like the real thing — but these sweet treats have reportedly made people very sick in McHenry County.

Now, the county's drug task force is alerting parents. 

It's illegal for packaging like this to be used in Illinois for THC edibles, but the McHenry County Substance Abuse Coalition believes people may have purchased it from out of state. 

The health department has also had some reports of illness they believe are linked to the products. 

They look just like Starburst candies, Captain Crunch and nerds ropes. 

When THC is purified to be put into foods, it becomes more potent. 


"Any small amount can be enough to get a child sick.  We don't think of cannabis as an overdose item but anything that causes someone to get sick like that is an overdose," said Laura Crain, McHenry County Substance Abuse Coalition Coordinator.

Another thing to note: CBD items that are labeled "full spectrum" can contain THC, which may also lead to illness if ingested unknowingly.