Midway operations remain limited after control tower technicians test positive for coronavirus

Operations at Chicago’s Midway International Airport remained limited on Wednesday, a day after federal authorities closed the control tower after technicians tested positive for the coronavirus.

The city’s second-largest airport is open, but the Federal Aviation Administration said the air traffic control tower was still closed for cleaning.

According to the city’s Department of Aviation, 337 flights have been canceled during the past 24 hours at Midway out of 527 total planned flights. By early afternoon Wednesday, 26 flights were listed as delayed.

“We’re working with the FAA to resume normal operations as quickly and safely as possible which ultimately means having the tower back in service,” the Department of Aviation said in a statement. “Given this reality, and for their own business and network reasons, the airlines are making the decision to cancel many flights.”

Officials said travelers should check with their airline about flight schedules.