Mom of Maleah Davis makes shocking allegations against ex-fiance

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Screenshot of surveillance video that allegedly captures Darion Vence walking out of his apartment with laundry basket carrying a garbage bag.

Four-year-old Maleah Davis has been missing for a week and now community activist Quanell X is speaking out with Maleah's mom, Brittany Bowens.

At a press conference Friday, they threw several allegations at Darion Vence, Maleah's stepfather and Bowen's ex-fiance.

Vence, who is a person of interest in Maleah's disappearance, told police that he, Maleah and his 1-year-old son were abducted by three men. Vence and the boy were released, but Maleah remains missing.

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Police have not heard from Vence since he first reported the alleged abduction.

Quanell X and Bowens allege that they have security footage from a neighboring apartment that shows Vence walking in and out of their apartment with multiple bottles of bleach. Later, he's said to be seen walking out with a garbage bag stuffed into a laundy hamper.

FOX 26 received a screenshot of the surveillance video that does show a man carrying a laundry basket wtih a garbage bag inside.

"It captures the step dad coming out of the apartment with a bottle of Clorox, a laundry basket and inside the laundry basket a garbage bag," Quanell said. "When he spoke to the mother, he told her he was cleaning up the apartment. And she didn’t understand why he would be cleaning up the apartment, but he went and bought an extra bottle of Clorox and came back."

This would have been during the time that Bowens was out of town.

The footage is said to be in the hands of law enforcment to aid in their investigation.

Quanell also claims Vence had a history of violence against Maleah, that included spankings and beatings.

"He confronted her and threatened her, that 'She better not do it.' So she helped him shield the truth of that abuse of Maleah from doctors," Quanell said.

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Bowens thinks Vence may have snapped because they got into a fight after she says she caught him sending explicit pictures to another man.

"That fight was about: she had caught him sending naked penis pictures to another man and she confronted him about being gay."

That's when she claims she broke things off with him.

"She told him that she was giving back his ring, and that she was not going to marry him," Quanell said. "I believe that caused him to snap in anger against young Maleah."

This comes just a day after police discovered the car that was stolen from the family in a Missouri City parking lot.

Little Maleah has been missing for a week.