More Chicago cops being sent to Lincoln Park amid crime surge

More Chicago police officers are headed to Lincoln Park amid a spike in crime.

Police say there have been 11 reported robberies and carjackings in the area since December 6.

In an effort to deter the crime, police will be increasing bike patrols and unmarked squad patrols.

Alderwoman Michele Smith is also inviting the community for a peace walk on Thursday night. She will begin at 9 p.m. in the 2100 block of North Fremont.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Police Department is canceling days off for officers amid the recent crime surge.

"To enhance public safety and to address current crime patterns, all full-duty sworn members will have one regular day off cancelled," CPD said in a statement.

At least five people were robbed Tuesday night in Chicago during a half-hour crime spree that also resulted in three of the victims being pistol-whipped, a report says.

The series of incidents happened in the Lincoln Park and Lakeview neighborhoods, according to CWB Chicago.

The first robbery began around 10 p.m. when three men wearing ski masks hopped out of an SUV and swiped a victim’s phone, wallet and keys, the website reports.

Twenty minutes later, robbers reportedly targeted a 30-year-old male and 25-year-old woman.  

A Chicago police officer told CWB Chicago that the robbers waited for the victims to walk past their parked vehicle in an alley before stepping out and telling them "do what you have to do."

The male victim was pistol-whipped in the face in that incident, according to the website.


In the last robbery around 10:30 p.m., another man and woman – both 38 – were pistol-whipped after three armed gunmen emerged from a car and demanded their property, CWB Chicago reported, citing police.

The suspects made off with the man’s shoes, a wallet, the woman’s purse and two phones. Both victims declined medical attention, the website added.

Fox News Channel contributed to this report.

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