More migrants from Texas arrive in Chicago Wednesday

More than 100 migrants from the Texas-Mexico border arrived in Chicago on Wednesday.

This is the third time a group of migrants has been driven to the city from Texas in the last week.

"The City of Chicago has received another group of newly arriving migrants from the Texas border. In partnership with our colleagues from local community-based organizations, Cook County, and the State of Illinois, we are providing these individuals and families with emergency shelter and connection to needed services," Mayor Lori Lightfoot's office said in a statement.

The new wave of migrants comes in response to President Joe Biden's open-border policies. Texas Governor Greg Abbott says he will continue to send asylum seekers out of the state and into sanctuary cities, including Chicago.

About 50 migrants arrived Sunday night, following the arrival of about 75 others last week. On Wednesday, 147 migrants were brought on buses to Chicago.

"When they arrive, they have food, they have shelter, they have clothing, they feel safe, they feel secure, they know someone is looking out for them," said Brian Duewel, director of communications with The Salvation Army. "They’ve had a long journey, they’re probably scared, we just want to make sure they’re safe, and they know they’re safe."

The Salvation Army Freedom Center in Humboldt Park is welcoming migrants as they arrive in Chicago by providing them with food, clothing and shelter.

"There’s a wide variety of people coming in, I’ve seen families, I’ve seen babies, little kids, individuals," said Duewel.

Many of the migrants who arrived on Wednesday came from Venezuela, Colombia and Peru.

"A lot of them come from countries that are in chaos," said Baltazar Enriquez, president of the Little Village Community Council.

It's unclear how many more buses could be coming – or when.

"We're not getting a heads up from Governor Abbott in Texas, they're just sending busloads so we have to be on alert," said Enriquez.

Enriquez has been on-hand to help migrants with their next steps.

"Take their names, get a phone number and figure out how to get a job," said Enriquez.

As more migrants arrive from Texas, Mayor Lightfoot is asking for donations to help them settle into the Chicago area.

Items on the mayor's wish list include baby items, clothing and shoes for all ages, and reusable bags like suitcases and duffel bags.

No used items will be accepted.

The city is also seeking volunteers to help welcome migrants to the city.

"We will continue to live out our values as a welcoming city and respond accordingly," the mayor's office said.

Mayor Lightfoot remains critical of how Texas has handled the bus trips, saying Governor Greg Abbot is treating these individuals no better than cargo.

"We have yet to hear from anybody in an official capacity from Texas. That's unacceptable. We're talking about human beings lives, who themselves have gone through an incredible journey just to get to the United States. I think the decent human thing to do is to cooperate and collaborate," Lightfoot said earlier this week.

If you're interested in helping, you can find more information online at