Morton Grove couple donates Chicago's official Christmas tree to adorn Millennium Park

A 55-foot blue spruce was selected as the official Christmas tree for the city of Chicago.

The tree was chosen from 80 submissions and Chicago will pay for the extraction and transportation services. 

It has been a fixture since the family moved into their Morton Grove house 33 years ago. It will be decorated and put on display in Millennium Park for all to enjoy during the holidays.

The tree was wrapped and prepared for transport ahead of time. Homeowners Mike and Vesna Glisovic donated the tree and say their evergreen was the backdrop for many family photographs over the years. 


A tree climber attached the crane’s hook to a strap on the top of the tree to hold it in place. Then, all it took was one quick cut. It took about 20 seconds to run a chainsaw through the trunk.

The tree was placed on a flatbed truck for the ride downtown.

It was an emotional experience for the owners.

Mike and Vesna Glisovic said when they heard the saw, they became choked up. But they say the tree ends its life on a positive note. 

The couple will join in the festivities in Millennium Park on Nov. 18 during the tree lighting ceremony.

Tree experts counted 53 rings on the trunk once it was cut, which surprised the Glisovics. They said they will plant another tree in the same spot for the next generation.