Mother of Lombard toddler who was born prematurely and spent 500+ days at hospital shares happy update

The family of a young Lombard girl who spent 500 days in the hospital before being discharged last August is sharing a happy update.

Autumn Robinson just turned two years old, beating the odds after being born as a micro-premie at just one pound and one ounce.

Doctors gave her a 50/50 chance of survival. Her mom wasn't sure she would even live a moment.

"The doctor asked me, ‘Hey if she comes out what do you want to do?’ If she comes out lifeless, pass me my baby and I'll hold her but if she come out fighting then we going to fight," said Tyler Robinson, Autumn's mother.


And fight she did, with the help of the Lurie Children's Hospital health care team and specialists for the micro preemie's struggling lungs and heart.

Her mother now says she is doing well months after being discharged.

She is learning how to sit up by herself, how to brush her teeth and is now eating purées.