Mother of TikTok influencer who was murdered in Chicago high-rise sues building

The mother of a TikTok influencer, who was murdered in her Chicago high-rise, is suing the building over its security.

Sania Khan was killed by her estranged husband in July after he got into her building on East Ohio Street.


A video shows him entering the building and using the elevator to access her unit.  The mother claims the husband was allowed inside to wander freely, without his ID checked, despite being previously banned. 

"Sania did everything she could to put the building on notice that Ahmad was a threat, that she felt threatened, and the trust she put in them is broken," said attorney Michael Gallagher. 

"My daughter did everything possible to protect herself. She trusted the building. She was paying big rent, and she thought it would keep her safe," said Shazia Khan, Sania's mother. 

Prior to her murder, Khan was an international advocate for Muslim women who have suffered spousal abuse. 

The husband ended up killing himself immediately after he shot and killed khan.