Mount Greenwood residents clean up after basements flood with up to 12 inches of water

Inside Kelly Szafoni’s basement, dry wall was torn out. Her yearbooks and baby pictures were destroyed. Also, the hot water heater malfunctioned. 

She said she took in up to 8 inches of water overnight. Following heavy rain, flood damage in Mount Greenwood was sporadic, many lower levels retaining 4 to 12 inches of water. 

One resident said, "We lost the couch and lot of kids toys."


Since 5 a.m., families spent the day drying off and cleaning out. A brother and sister were clearing their late mother’s home when they went into the basement and found several boxes soaked and sewage backing up on the ground. 

"I guess that’s the worst part, raw sewage coming into house. It’s gonna be a major cleanup," the brother said. 

Along West 109th Place, trash bins in the alley are now filled with flooring, soggy clothes and other items destroyed. 

Despite it all, residents were grateful acknowledging matters could have been worse. 

"We’re all okay, it’s a lot of cleanup and garbage. The garbage guys are gonna love us tomorrow", Szafoni said.