Mount Greenwood residents outraged over slow service, mail piling up outside post office

There is outrage at a South Side post office after stacks of mail were found outside and complaints were voiced from residents, even the alderman, regarding slow service.

“Everyone knows it’s a problem, what the hell are they doing about it?” said 19th Ward Alderman Matt O’Shea.

At 119th and Homan, boxes and boxes of residents’ mail is piling up on a loading dock.

“Some weeks we get it and then they’re weeks at a time we don’t get anything,” said Mount Greenwood resident Douglas Ball.

Alderman O’Shea says he has tried for months to investigate the issues, but says his calls to management are never returned.

On Wednesday, when FOX 32 approached a woman parked in a spot “Reserved for the Postal Manager,” she quickly drove away.

“In my opinion, the entire leadership of the USPS should be replaced, on the local level. Leadership of this building should be replaced,” Alderman O’Shea said.

In a statement, a USPS spokesperson said in part, “With it being the holiday season, many smaller offices are challenged with the increase in volume of mail and room inside their facilities.”

In addition, “the facility is expected to fully catch up on their mail deliveries this weekend, including delivery on Sunday if necessary.”

“It’s beyond frustrating. Medication, some folks living on Social Security, waiting on checks to come in the mail,” O’Shea said.

On the other hand, one Mount Greenwood resident said her mail service is fine.

“Luckily my block hasn’t struggled with it at all. I’ve never had issues with USPS. My mail carrier has always been super generous,” said Isabella Nunez.