Naperville to vote on assault weapons ban Tuesday night

Naperville is considering an assault weapons ban.

The city council held a meeting last month on the subject, and there was deep division over the proposal.

On Tuesday night, the council is set to take a vote on whether to ban the sale of assault weapons and large-capacity magazines, one day after the city council in Highland Park passed a related resolution.

Highland Park leaders are urging other communities to join them in calling for a ban on assault rifles at the state and federal level, six weeks after the July 4th parade mass shooting that killed seven people and injured dozens of others.


There has been a ban on assault weapons in Highland Park since 2013. 

The community has been working through trauma. 

Activist Rachel Jacoby said since she was 5 years old, she has been trained to look out for the "bad guy," to scope public places to locate the nearest exit, and to hide, run and fight when there is an active shooter. 

She told the Highland Park City council that people deserve a life where weapons are not the number one cause of death to school students.

The Naperville proposal defines assault weapons by more than 100 types and brand names. 

If it passes, the ordinance could be enacted in January 2023.