NASCAR driver Josh Bilicki honors injured officers with special hood logo

NASCAR teams have multiple sponsors, and it can cost up to $400,000 to put a logo on a car. The image on the hood of the No. 92 car that will take the streets of Chicago this weekend, is one that spreads awareness about an organization that supports officers hurt in the line of duty. 

Driver Josh Bilicki will be behind the wheel of that No. 92 car. His team has decided to honor The Wounded Blue, which supports injured and disabled law enforcement officers.

"It’s not a guarantee that they’re coming home safe," said Bilicki. "We want to showcase that we’re thinking of everybody as we race around the streets of Chicago and let them know we’re here for you."

That’s the exact opposite of what Randy Sutton experienced when he was injured in the line of duty. He said following that incident he was abandoned by his agency. Upon learning that there were other law enforcement officers going through this, he decided to found The Wounded Blue. 

"These heartbreaking stories," said Sutton. "Randy I was shot in the line of duty and my chief never even visited me in the hospital. They’re not paying my medical bills. Randy I was hit by a car and they’ve abandoned me."

Never forgotten, never alone is the motto of The Wounded Blue. In the last five years they’ve supported over 13,000 officers by connecting them with therapist, getting support animals and even navigating the legal process of getting workers comp. Last year 72,000 law enforcement officers were physically assaulted in the line of duty.

"Awareness is critical," said Sutton. "Most people have a very difficult time grasping that when a police officer gets severely injured in the line of duty, that they may just be thrown away by their department or city and yet it is a reality."