New candy store to fill vacant Disney flagship location on Chicago's Mag Mile

There's a sweet new spot on Chicago's Mag Mile, which fills a vacant storefront in a prime location. 

A new candy store is now open on Michigan near Superior. 

It covers 11,400 square feet and is stuffed with candy. 

We asked a 10-year-old boy how to pick.

"I just went to every single stand and saw what was there and there was a lot of good stuff," said Steph Baierlein who's visiting from Kentucky.

The name leaves no doubt what you get at this new store on Michigan Avenue. 

IT’SUGAR. The candy department store is described as an experience where you'll find giant gummies, nerds and sour patch kids.  

You can buy treats by the pound. Even Chicago's skyline is oh so sweet.

"I was like oh wow, it’s so colorful. It’s fresh and I love sweet stuff. I have a big sweet tooth. This is awesome," said Dajonte Simmons who's visiting from California

What’s awesome for Chicago is that the candy store fills the spot left vacant when the Disney Store closed last year.

"It's important to fill every space, and it's important to fill this space with the right retail. So that's part of what we're always looking for. The right retail mix on the Avenue in the district to draw people to Michigan Avenue," said Kimberly Bares, President and CEO of the Magnificent Mile Association.

For the Magnificent Mile Association, there's still work to do to bring back retailers and visitors.


"We certainly know that there have been concerns about safety. That's why we're doing everything we can to ensure that people are safe when they come to Michigan avenue," said Bares.

You’ll find police parked along Michigan, but also growing crowds. That includes families drawn to a sugar high, before the candy store's grand opening.

"I did tons of research about Chicago and hadn’t seen this store. We were on Michigan Avenue and I saw it and said well we have to go in there," said Pricilla Baierlein, who's here from Kentucky for spring break.

A sweet step towards springing back on the Mag Mile.