New poll shows 22% of Chicago voters undecided in mayor's race, with 16% Lightfoot, 14% Wilson

A new group called 1983 Labs says its poll of 554 likely Chicago mayoral voters found Mayor Lori Lightfoot at 16%, Willie Wilson 14% and Paul Vallas 10%.  

"It is a good poll for Willie and Lori and a couple other candidates," said Benjamin Bobo of 1983 Labs. "But I would be cautious about drawing too much from saying, you know, 'This is saying who's gonna be in the runoff.'"


Not least because undecided, at 22%, is the survey's actual first-place finisher; followed by Lightfoot, Wilson, Vallas, Brandon Johnson, Chuy Garcia, Sophia King, Kam Buckner and Ja'mal Green.

1983 Labs says it contacts voters via social media and focus group-style panels, speaking only in English.

By contrast, M3 Consultants last month found Vallas at 26%, Garcia 19%, Johnson 12%, Lightfoot 10% and Wilson 9%. M3 questions voters in both Spanish and English via text to internet.

Yet another survey -- by suburban-based Cor Strategies last week -- found Lightfoot at 23% and Vallas at 21% (a statistical tie), with Garcia at 13% and Wilson 8%.  

Cor Strategies' Collin Corbett noted that the turnout for early voting so far in Chicago is even lower than it was four years ago, when only 36% turne out, with violent crime still the number one issue.

"I think right now, if I were on any of these teams, I would just be baking into my numbers that it's gonna be low turnout," Corbett said.

If there is a low turnout, Corbett says it could give Vallas a boost of up to four percentage points, because his voters may be more motivated to cast ballots.