New rideshare tax goes into effect in Chicago on Monday

A new rideshare tax goes into effect in Chicago on Monday, and riders traveling solo via Uber and Lyft will pay the highest price.

The ordinance imposes a $3 per ride surcharge for anyone traveling along during peak times of 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. for rides originating in, or traveling to the central business district. Solo riders outside of non-peak times will be charged $1.25. Riders traveling with others will pay 65 cents.

"I think where you're going to see some tension are people working late night shifts and where transit is terrible, and suddenly their options now are more difficult," said transportation expert Joe Schwieterman of DePaul University.

In addition, the city imposes a $5 surcharge for trips that include O'Hare and Midway.

"It's those single ride trips, especially those short hop trips, that are going to feel that surcharge add up quickly," Schwieterman said.

The new charges mean that Chicago now has the highest fees in the country.

"It's a good excuse to use public transportation," said rideshare user Mike Nelson. I'm using that a lot and the bus so that's pretty cheap."