Nooses found outside Evanston middle school: 'Black children get no respect'

A week after nooses were found outside an Evanston middle school, community members want to know what's being done to find out who is responsible for hanging them.

The group Ex-Cons for Community and Social Change demonstrated outside Haven Middle School as children were arriving for class on Monday.

"This is 2022. Black children should not continue to be terrorized and victimized by nooses and racism," one speaker said through a megaphone.

The group wants to know what's been done to find out who hung three nooses on trees outside this school and to hold them accountable.

School Superintendent Devon Horton called the May 13 incident a hate crime and promised that the district and community will Continue to fight racism.


One resident who lives nearby described hearing about the incident.

"Nauseas. I was disgusted that this would happen here in this time. It just makes me sad, it makes me very sad and I agree that someone needs to be held accountable," said Karly Barth.

"If this was a swastika, everybody would be outraged. If this was a violation against LGBTQ, everybody would be out here. Black children get no respect," said Tyrone Muhammad.

The son of a protester, 6th grade student Dumah Edwards and his older sister Katiana, said he wished more people would speak up.

"I've heard a lot of racist things at the school. It's not really that surprising to me," Dumah said.

"I just want to see people in the community stand up. As you see it's not a big protest. It's kind of disappointing," Katiana said.

One protester said we need white people of good will to step up and speak out.

Evanston police are still investigating the incident.