North suburban high school addresses backlash over controversial yearbook statement

Glenbrook South High School is addressing concerns among students and their families after a controversial statement was published in the 2023-2024 yearbook, "Etruscan." 

The piece in question, titled "October 7 War in Gaza," has sparked reaction within the school community after a quote from a 10th-grade student said in part, "… I saw what Palestine did, and I was happy because they're finally defending themselves." 

The rest of the quote reads as follows: "The fact that the whole world only saw that instead of focusing on the past… makes me sad because it's my home country. It's important [to speak up] because … thousands of people are dying every day. Just be aware and educate yourself." 

In a letter, school officials said the statements in the piece do not represent "the views of Glenbrook South or District 225." 

"We recognize the feelings, fear and pain related to the content in the yearbook, and we want to assure you that we are in conversation with many students, families, staff and community members about this situation," the school said. 

School staff became aware of the situation Thursday and launched an investigation. 

"We are exploring all options to remedy this deeply offensive and regrettable situation," the school said. 

For students needing additional support, Glenbrook South has made resources available through its Student Services Department.  

The investigation is ongoing and further details haven't been released.