Northwestern investigates controversial incidents amid Israel-Hamas conflict

Northwestern University is launching an investigation following a series of controversial political statements on campus, raising concerns about anti-Semitism.

The incidents have occurred in the midst of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, which has lasted for 26 days.

Outside one of the campus libraries, the traditional lighting was altered to display the colors of the Palestinian flag. The university's newspaper was also tampered with, featuring a cover taking a stance against Israel.

Students at Northwestern University have reported recent incidents of anti-Semitism across the campus.

Frankie Gordon, a freshman at the university, stressed the importance of recognizing all victims affected by the war.

"Recognizing all the victims in any conflict is important," he said.

In a recent incident, fake newspaper covers were discovered across campus, appearing in classrooms and dormitories. The misleading publication was labeled as the "Northwestern Daily" and included a QR code linking to a website with a message criticizing Israel's actions in the ongoing conflict.

The university responded by stating, "The fake newspaper included images and language about Israel that many in our community found offensive. The student newspaper, which is a separate entity from the University, is looking into the issue."

Additionally, a visual display captured outside the Charles Deering Memorial Library depicted the colors of the Palestinian flag. The university acknowledged this incident, saying, "After a vigil, Facilities Management discovered that the building lighting had been physically modified, and has since been restored."

However, many on campus feel that the university's responses have not been adequate. University President Michael Schill released a statement several days after the conflict began, explaining his perspective on addressing the issue without taking an official stance.

While a later statement acknowledged that some students don't feel safe on campus, Northwestern University Police has reportedly increased patrols to address concerns and ensure campus safety.

The investigation into these incidents continues.